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rehabilitación de aparcamientos
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Avenue Cova Solera,16.
Pol. Industrial Cova Solera
Tel.: +34 93 588 05 68
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08191 Rubí - Barcelona - Spain

certificados de calidad


rehabilitación de aparcamientos
Paigum and the Environment:

One of the foremost priorities of our company has always been -and continues being so- achieving manufacturing processes and products as environmentally friendly as possible.

The assumption of this fact may seem commonplace, yet it should be noted that the technological complexity it implies is very important and significantly influences the manufacturing process of a small-sized company like ours, which must handle sophisticated raw materials and also develop manufacturing processes of a somewhat complex technological nature.

PAIGUM has already implemented for some time a zero discharge rate system, including the systematic recycling of raw materials, byproducts and below standard manufactured products, not to mention the distillation and most efficient use of solvents and other petroleum products. Those manufacturing residues that cannot be reused are disposed of solely through a specialized operator. Smoke emission into the atmosphere is minimal, since most of our production processes are carried out at moderate temperature, aiming for maximum energy efficiency and avoiding the emission of polluting gases. We also filter the air of our processing plant before returning it to the outside environment.

As discussed on page 21 of our TERMS & CONDITIONS, all materials manufactured based on polyurethane have, once they are applied by experienced technicians and properly catalyzed, a very high chemical inertness, resulting in a negligible impact on the environment.

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New single component paint and varnish , with 0% solvents and water. 100% solids products


Report of a new revolutionary and state-of-the-art single component paint, with 0% solvents and water.

1º Background:

Until now, paints and varnishes have always needed the presence of solvents in their formulas to aid the spreading of the flooring film over the surfaces where they’re applied. In the case of resin emulsion paints, solvents are replaced by water.

Single component paints that use solvents and water in a proportion between 20% and 50% can be found in the market. These are the minimum and maximum limits, respectively, being a proportion of 20% only applicable to paints; on varnishes it’s usually larger.

There are also 100% solid products or close to that, but these are two-component products. Components A and B harden due to a chemical reaction between them.

2º Considerations:

Paint and varnish manufacturers always try to offer products with as much of a proportion in solids as possible. The reason for that is the optimization of the application procedure.

In this kind of products, volatile materials like solvents evaporate and don’t contribute on the protection of the flooring once applied. They are rather useless materials that increase production and delivery costs, packing volume, application costs, and also if they are organic solvents, they have a high fire risk because they’re flammable and they generate contamination when they are applied, contributing negatively to the global warming. Their transportation and production are also dangerous.

Two-component 100% solid products have a better optimization, but once both components have been mixed, the product has a very limited pot life. This makes them harder to use than single component ones, and they leave non-utilizable remains of partially used packs that have reached their pot life.

3º Conclusion :

Taking into consideration everything exposed above, we can imagine that an ideal flooring, paint or varnish would be a material with the following qualities:

1) Single component:
a) Reduces the odds of human mistakes when mixing components, both in mixing proportions and in the homogeny of the mix.
b) Eliminates the pot life problem.
c) Reduces the amount of generated waste.

2) 100% solid proportion:
a) No volatile materials.
b) Best optimization for transportation costs and packing volume.
c) Reduced contamination.
d) Easier application.
e) Not flammable and thus no fire risk.
f) Very small CO2 emission and no global warming negative effects.

3) Best performance:
a) Excellent Taber abrasion test results.
b) Easy to clean and maintain.
c) Resistant to chemical damage.
d) Impermeable.
e) Flexible.
f) Resistant to sunlight.

We’re talking about the ideal paint and varnish.

This range of paints and varnishes manufactured by PAIGUM S.A. and distributed by RUBICHEM S.L. is produced under the name “DECOPUR 1c. 100% solids”.

DECOPUR 1c are single component paints and varnishes; bright, glossy and matt based in aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes (exterior and interior use respectively), presented as a global innovation and revolution in the flooring market.

For more information, please visit :

Avenue Cova Solera, 16 - Pol. Industrial Cova Solera - Tel. 93 588 05 68 - Fax: 93 588 39 53 - c.p.: 08191 - Rubí (Barcelona - Spain)